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on display featuring the work of a local artist who painted everybody from martin luther king to rosa parks and this saturday you can catch a special story telling event for kids. have to check that out. we will be right back. . >>> quick check of the radar. all the rain south of us now. we think some of it gets in here by the morning. could start as a brief mix of rain and snow. maybe a little sleet but the ground temperatures should be above freezing, tomorrow night we are really watching. >> we will see you tonight. have a good night.
in baltimore. her body was found in april the find year. >> today would have been rosa park's 100 birthday. the henry ford museum will hold a national day of courage. she was a important symbol to the civil rights movement. >>> ed koch will be laid to rest today. he was elected mayor in 77 and searched three terms. he he passed away from congestive heart failure last week e was 88. >>> mcdonald's add -- he was 88. >>> mcdonald's is adding fish to their happy meals. they will come with 7 piece of frish french fries and appel slices and a drink. >>> the ravens are bringing back the lombardi trophy to baltimore and so lunch it will be on the z burger they are giving away purple burgers from 11 to 2 and 5 to 7. just say the secret password the champions. >>> 4:51. superbowl champs for 47 is superbowl 47. and some say the champions of destiny. shirts go on sale and there's no doubt they will be snatched up quickly so you may want to get yours early. how early you ask? linda so is out with a sneak peek whft items may go on -- with when the items may go on sale and you have a couple. >> reporter:
like rosa parks, martin luther king. >> there are activities for kids on saturday beginning at noon. there will be a special kid's story telling time. >>> a major airline merger is in the works that could have you spending more on airfare. we will explain why the deal with american and united could result in an increase in ticket prices. >>> and could this saturday mail stop effect your next week's deliver are you? what may be on the way. . >> as we look at east hartford, it's from here further north and east in the state we think the snow could come down especially tomorrow night. much more on this approaching power house storm. . >>> lot of red on the board on wall street. dow down 42 and a half. nasdaq down three and a third. s&p500 down about 2 and three quarters. not a good day. >>> tonight's consumer alert a major merger is in the works that could mean higher price the next time you get on the plane. if it happens it would create the biggest airline in the world. air travel would probably get even more expensive. > mergers normally lead to higher prices. it means there is
for five things to know for you on this thursday morning. a new stamp honoring civil rights icon rosa parks will be unveiled in baltimore later today. congressman cummings and other state leaders will join the postal service for that unveiling. this will take place at the museum scheduled for 11:00. >>> plaque history month amtrak is holding a celebration at penn station starting at 11:00 this morning. passengers will see exhibits and learn the unique contributions of african- americans to the railroad industry throughout history. >>> wal-mart workers and their supporters will unveil the profits the retail giant makes in an event in catonsville. a new report will be released. the group will meet at the wal- mart at the corner of rolling road and baltimore national pike. >>> the rave have plans -- ravens have plans today. later today members will hold a press conference to talk about the improvements in the work that's going to be done at m&t bank stadium. we'll keep you posted on that. >>> justin timberlake and jay-z may be coming to town. they call him jt. poise today make a stop this summ
today. one will be of rosa parks and the other is of the emancipation proclamation. a dedication ceremony is happening today at the edge until f. lewis museum in baltimore. >>> slick roads in parts of california. take a look. cameras were rolling as a number of cars slammed into one another on i-15. eight cars piled up along the snow and ice covered roads and there were a few minor injuries reported. officials have issued a warning to people to slow down because of the icy conditions. once again we've talked about this throughout the morning. 18 states to be affected by this. but some of the names we're not used to. parts of southern california, arizona? >> i know that's where you go golfing this time of year but it's ugly and lynette i know a lot of people are wondering if that's going to hit us and how hard and when. >> all right, yes it is going to hit us. not so hard but again it's relative because we are going to be dealing with more of the icy conditions. so that could hit harder than actual snow. i'm going to detail more of that coming up. let's talk. temperatures this mor
based troops which support the current policy. >>> big honor for the late rosa parks. she has a stamp. the postal service unveiled a forever stamp in celebration of parks' 100 birthday. she refused to give up her seat epitome of courage as the stamp design was unveiled. >> nice tribute. early in this black history month. >> well deserved. surprised it took this long. >> your tuesday forecast, everybody. rain from seattle. northern california. 6 inches of snowen the cascade. northern rockies. snow around minneapolis, detroit, pittsburgh. snowing in the morning, philly to boston. showers, houston to tal hals see. >> 70s from new orleans to miami. and 20s, boston to minneapolis. 50s from seattle to sacramento. >>> the guy we all know as spiderman has been at it again. he is french dare level elaine robert, and outside the havana libre hotel, added to the list of tall buildings he climbed. >> he did it without ropes or safety net. the hotel is small for spiderman, only 27 stories. >> that's it? >> robert said his biggest concern was a piece of the building's facade could break off. like m
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6